Why Should Businesses Advertise In Theatres and Cinemas?

Theatres are great locations to promote theatre and auditorium related services. New theatre productions and film releases are suitable adverts for advertising in theatres and cinemas worldwide.

Selecting Appropriate Portable Signage Is Important

Roller banners are practical, lightweight signage solutions designed to be easily portable (lightweight), quick to setup and easy to print with advertisements. These systems are used to promote 0.8m wide x 2m tall adverts. The lifesize ads are very eye catching due to their sheer size. Some sites even have a special tips section to help deignesr deisgn a fantastic ad, so it's worth doing some research before you order one.

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Targeting The Right Audience Is Crucial

Adverts should be appropriate i.e. aimed at film or theatre audiences. For example a car insurance advertisement might not be suitable, but a future film/theatre production advert is suitable. Advertising an additional film release or new theatre production to an existing customer is a great way to sell an additional ticket to a future performance. This process is known as “up selling”. It’s generally believed that selling an additional product/service to an existing customer is easier than selling for the first time to a new customer. Therefore the reward of advertising within a venue is probably a lot higher than it would be if the ad was placed outside of the venue.